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Education Directory welcomes Corridors College CARE School Secondary Vocational College in Midland, The aim is to help students develop high expectations for their learning and life, within a supportive, safe and secure environment that encourages independence, adaptability and resilience for learning, enquire online today.

Corridors College is not a mainstream or 'normal' school, in a number of ways. Some of the differences result from the clientele; others are a result of the aims and objectives of the school itself.

Not all of Corridors' students can attend school regularly. Some have issues at home, or a lack of any home or accommodation. Some have family problems, drug or substance abuse problems or physical and/or mental health issues that prevent regular attendance. Students progress at their own pace, and the school accommodates their progress accordingly. Some students are being coached and taught externally by Corridors. These include young people in jail, young pregnant women and some who are full-time carers for younger siblings.

It helps if Corridors doesn't appear to students as a 'normal' school.
Many of the young people attending Corridors have rejected or been rejected by mainstream schools. They would not, by choice, return to schools that they had previously experienced. For one reason or another, their only remaining chance for an education is at a 'different' type of school.

State Schools tend to operate with a student: teacher ratio of approximately 30: 1. With its present level of funding, Corridors College can operate viably with a ratio of approximately 8: 1 as we have a tutorial style negotiated self paced curriculum.