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Connolly Primary School

education | Connolly WA 6027

(08) 9300 2199
Fairway Circuit, Connolly WA 6027

Education Directory welcomes Connolly Primary School in Connolly, The aim is to help students develop high expectations for their learning and life, within a supportive, safe and secure environment that encourages independence, adaptability and resilience for learning, enquire online today.

Our School has been growing students in harmony for over twenty years. Our school places a strong focus on developing the whole child and supporting each child to reach their potential. We believe each child should grow academically, socially and emotionally. We recognise each child is an individual and we provide an approach to learning that is inclusive and differentiated.

Our professional and dedicated staff are committed to growing their skills and capacities to ensure each child in our care is a successful student. Our staff have high expectations of students and adopts innovative, effective and evidence based teaching strategies. The staff are further committed to shared leadership, collaborative practices and the coaching and mentoring of colleagues.

Our school enjoys a strong sense of community and is supported by involved parents who place a high value on education and an active P&C Association. The Board, has five parent members, three staff and two community representatives. The Board contributes significantly to the strategic direction of the school.