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Hazel Orme Community Kindergarten

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(08) 9335 2857
96 Samson St, Bedfordale WA 6112

Education Directory welcomes Hazel Orme Community Kindergarten in Bedfordale, The aim is to help students develop high expectations for their learning and life, within a supportive, safe and secure environment that encourages independence, adaptability and resilience for learning, enquire online today.

Hazel Orme Community Kindergarten has a long and valued tradition reaching back to its beginnings in 1923.

As a kindergarten we encourage the development of all aspects of children; this can be greatly assisted with parent involvement.

The philosophy we choose to follow is a Piagetian one. We believe that this can be truly child orientated because it is based on observation of the development of each child. By following Piaget’s descriptions of development of intelligence, it is possible to plan both for the individual and the group.

Our main aim as a starting point is a friendly relationship with the child and his/her parents, making the latter feel free to question and become satisfied that their child’s needs will be paramount while in our care.